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Modern kitchen plays an increasingly important role in a family. Faced with a wide range of cabinet brands in the market, we often feel at a loss and don't know how to choose. The person in charge of oupai cabinet said: when choosing cabinets, the design function comes first

"poor look at the hall, rich look at the kitchen" -- modern kitchen has an increasingly important position for a family. Faced with a wide range of cabinet brands in the market, we often feel at a loss and don't know how to choose. The person in charge of oupai cabinet said: when choosing cabinets, the design function comes first

Design: function comes first

the production cycle of cabinets is generally 25-30 days (except for solid wood, which is 45-60 days). The installation can only be carried out after the door and floor of the kitchen are installed and before cleaning. Therefore, the owner should order cabinets before the project starts, which can make the project connection more smooth

the person in charge suggested that in kitchen design, the owner should fully communicate with the designer about the needs of kitchen functions. "For example, the location of electrical appliances should be placed, and whether there are electrical appliances should be considered to be embedded, so as to leave potential." He reminded that the use of water dispensers and kitchen treasures at home should also be explained in advance, because sockets should be reserved and space should be reserved inside the cabinet

after sorting out the storage and use functions of the cabinet, the owner will go to buy the cabinet. At the same time, the home decoration designer can contact the cabinet designer to discuss the needs of the owner and the style of the cabinet and decide on the design scheme of the cabinet

the person in charge said that the kitchen should first meet the use function, so when designing cabinets, don't pursue novelty too much. As long as the kitchen space is consistent with the home decoration style, the color of cabinets and tiles should echo. If the size of the kitchen is too small, it should only meet the basic functions, otherwise the overall space will appear depressed and crowded


in order to increase the storage space, is it feasible to make the cabinet floor higher and the top cabinet thicker? In fact, this practice violates the design principles and is easy to bring inconvenience to future use

it is understood that the general design principles of the cabinet industry are based on the height of Chinese people and the market experience of the cabinet industry for many years. At present, general cabinet manufacturers have fixed dimensions in the process of producing and installing cabinets. The diameter and depth of the cabinet are about 330mm, the diameter and depth of the table top are within 600mm, the height from the ground to the upper edge of the table top is about 900mm, and the distance from the table top to the lower edge of the cabinet is about 650-750mm (the distance with the best exhaust effect of the smoke machine)

if the owner changes the size of the cabinet greatly, for example, the floor cabinet has exceeded 900mm, and the owner is not tall, then he will feel obvious discomfort in his arms and spine during use. The thickening of the hanging cabinet will lead to the phenomenon of collision. Therefore, it is suggested that if the owners want to increase the storage area, they should still use their brains on adding functional items such as hangers and partitions, otherwise the gains may not be worth the losses

purchase: money needs to be spent on the blade

the pricing unit of most cabinets is "linear meter", but the content of "one meter" of each business is different. For example, 1 linear meter includes floor cabinets, ceiling cabinets and countertops, but some floor cabinets and ceiling cabinets are calculated separately, so you should understand them in detail before purchasing. Within each linear meter, the structure of the cabinet can be adjusted, but the charging standard remains unchanged

most consumers have this experience, that is, the cabinet sounds like the quotation of linear rice is not expensive, but the total price is amazing. This is mainly because in addition to the standard configuration, many parts and processes need to be charged. For example, including riser, front water retaining, under the platform basin, plus damping, pressure bar and other hardware, so the cost is high

some cabinet designers said that the damping and other functional hardware used outside the standard configuration of the cabinet is mainly to improve the comfort of use. Without adding these, cabinets can also be used normally, and consumers can weigh and choose

the most important parts are the table top and hardware, which are the most frequently used parts. If the quality is not hard, it needs to be replaced frequently in the future, and the cost is higher. For example, the quartz stone table top with excellent quality is acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant and has a long service life, but the price is slightly higher. Although the unit price of inferior artificial stone is no more than 100 yuan per meter, it will crack after a year or two. If you want to save the budget, you can work hard on the door panel. Materials such as wear-resistant board and melamine board are low-cost, durable and easy to take care of. Paint baking, blistering and solid wood are mainly decorative effects, and the price is also high

in addition, we should also pay attention to the environmental protection performance of cabinet materials. The scientific name and environmental protection grade of the plates used shall be agreed in the contract


some owners will increase the size of cabinets, first, in order to increase the storage area, and second, considering that cabinets are calculated by linear meters, adjusting the size may take advantage. In fact, cabinet manufacturers have a fixed pricing model in the process of selling cabinets, which will have strict requirements on the size range of products. If the owner breaks the rules, the cabinet manufacturer will charge a certain proportion, that is, the so-called "non-standard fee". After accounting, consumers will not save much

over the years, europay has maintained a healthy, stable and rapid development. Looking forward to the future, europay will continue to be guided by the modern enterprise concept, continue to innovate and surpass in the spirit of "pursuing perfection", continue to improve the core competitive advantage of the enterprise, and continue to provide more families with the enjoyment of quality and taste




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