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Noble and elegant sofa, bright crystal lamp, atmospheric ceiling, exquisite carpet, gold inlaid coffee table and other furniture... The classic decorative elements of European style have become the necessary products to create European style home. With a little embellishment, the luxurious and elegant aristocratic style will appear in an instant. Now let's enjoy the decoration effect drawing of four rooms and two halls with European and American style of the owner of bairuijing. Will you envy its noble decoration

style analysis: European and American style is based on Romanticism in form. The decoration materials are usually marble, colorful fabrics, exquisite carpets, and exquisite French wall hangings. The whole style is luxurious, rich, and full of strong dynamic effects

decoration files: Decoration community: bairuijing (more bairuijing decoration effect pictures) decoration company: Jintai decoration house type: four bedrooms and two halls decoration method: all inclusive decoration style: European and American style contract amount: 250000

the atmospheric ceiling design has laid the tone of this European style living room style; The chandelier on the ceiling is less gorgeous and more elegant; The sofa background wall made of light colored soft bags is not only soft and comfortable, but also plays a very important role in improving the grade of the space; The marble TV background wall is consistent with the style of space atmosphere; Indoor furniture is the biggest attraction. The royal blue woolen cloth sofa and the gold inlaid white frame are elegant in shape, and the matching tea table and TV cabinet show the same noble and elegant beauty; The carpet with bright red tone on the ground not only fills the gap, but also improves the aesthetic feeling on the whole

the wallpaper with golden pattern is full of noble spirit, which is the perfect embodiment of the elegance and beauty of the European style of the space, and renders the warm dining atmosphere of the space at the same time. The colorful decorative plates on the background wall are exquisite in workmanship and pattern, which undoubtedly adds a lot to the overall decoration design. In addition, the reddish brown solid wood storage frame and the solid wood dining table and chair complement each other, which is quite pastoral style, giving people a leisurely physical and mental experience

the light colored wallpaper has become the best decoration for the background wall. The black solid wood double bed has a simple shape and unique national flavor. The purple bedding and the purple European style sofa beside the window reflect each other, rendering a noble and romantic style and endowing life with elegant interest. The green plants add fresh natural colors to the space, and their vitality makes life more energetic

[introduction to bairuijing community]: bairuijing central living area is a super large-scale urban central living area, located next to the South Central Asian trade in the central area of Wuchang (the original site of the boiler plant), with superior natural ecological landscape and human resources, close to the three business districts of South Central Wuchang, Asian trade and street crossing. The project covers a total area of 527000 square meters (equivalent to the size of about 70 international standard football fields), with a total construction area of 1.06 million square meters, It is the first large-scale international residential project developed at the square kilometer level in the city

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