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Warm congratulations on the success of the dealer conference of Yilian customized furniture in Southwest China

2012 Yilian customized furniture dealers' conference in Southwest China was grandly held at Dongting Garden Hotel, Chongzhou, Chengdu from February 21 to 22, 2012. More than 200 dealers from Southwest China and senior executives from relevant departments such as Mr. Xie Hongwei, general manager of Chengdu Yilian customized furniture, Mr. Xiao Yuangao, marketing director of Yilian furniture, Mr. Xian GuiQiang, marketing director of Wuhan company, and Mr. Cao Jie, marketing manager of Wuhan company attended the annual event, Seek common development. At the same time, Xiong Jianguo, general manager of Daya company, Liu Hai, general manager of heitishi and other strategic partners also attended the conference and delivered a speech

the theme of this meeting is "review, prospect, win-win situation and dream". At the meeting, Mr. Xiao Yuangao, the marketing director of Yilian furniture, first extended a welcome speech to the national dealers of Yilian at the dealer conference. He first thanked the dealers of Yilian for their efforts for the company in the past year and wished the conference a successful conclusion

Mr. Xie Hongwei, general manager of Yilian furniture, made a keynote speech, mainly from the four themes of "review, outlook, win-win and dream" to explain the gorgeous turn of Yilian from cocoon to butterfly

2012 Yilian whole wardrobe southwest dealer conference was grandly held

review: the dark horse has made upstarts

since its establishment, Yilian has been adhering to the business philosophy of "being an upstart in the industry and creating a first-class brand" as the core, taking product quality as the main grasp point, and has been on the coating line in the industry since its inception. This measure, So that Yilian firmly grasps the initiative of product quality in her own hands

Xiehongwei, general manager of Yilian customized home furnishing, has formulated the strategic goal of national layout since its inception, and has established a production base in Dezhou, Shandong Province, radiating East China and Xianning, Wuhan, assisting central China. Through two years of efforts, it has laid a good foundation for the layout of the national market. Yilian has amazed the whole industry with its dark horse trend; With the establishment of these production bases, Yilian's production and sales have increased by 50% every year, which is incomparable to any enterprise in the digital industry

President Xie said: in the past three years, we have achieved fruitful results in brand construction, channel construction, market promotion and team building, and successfully completed the strategic objectives of the first phase

Xiao Yuangao, marketing director of Yilian customized home (southwest and northwest)

Outlook: Gorgeous butterflies fly high

for the new year and the strategic objectives of the second stage, President Xie said: 2012 is a year of butterfly change for Yilian, and the company is positioned as "the year of improvement"

the company always adheres to the development concept with quality, service and brand as the core, and will focus on brand culture construction, enterprise culture construction, brand image and brand popularity. Build a brand that won the recognition of customers and the respect of peers at the same time, and integrate the enterprise into the fast lane of industry development. In 2012, Yilian will leap into the ranks of first-line brands in Sichuan with its own strength. In 2011, Yilian was rated as "the top ten favorite brands of dealers in China" and "the top ten wardrobe brands in China". These honors are recognition of Yilian. Yilian will also establish image stores in Chengdu Nanmen Fusen, Nanmen Bomei and Nanmen Red Star Macalline in 2012

Liu Hai, general manager of heitishi (southwest)

general manager Xie said: Yilian will also focus on the diversified development of the product line in 2012. The customization industry, with its professional and good body customization characteristics, can be derived from multiple industries. In order to cater to the market and allow dealers to have more profit points, Yilian will promote the new product ecosystem to the market in June 2012, in order to achieve a perfect and harmonious customization. It will push the customized design and product level of home decoration to a new level

At the meeting, President elixiao also made an in-depth analysis of the fierce competition in the domestic market, and planned the setting of sales goals, the adjustment of business policies, marketing strategies and a series of other market initiatives, so as to improve the operation level of marketing network and optimize the team of distributors

on the scene of the conference

at the dealer dinner on the same day, heitishi's bangs, general manager, said: heitishi, as a manufacturer of high-end hardware, has watched the growth and harvest of Yilian all the way. The purchase volume of Yilian in 2011 increased by 86.5% year-on-year in 2010, which shows that Yilian has a great development prospect, and such a large growth rate is unique in the same industry. Yilian is very mysterious in the customization industry, But it is a dark horse with strong potential. As long as Iran love is ready, it is bound to become a new force and pride in the industry





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