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In modern life, with the continuous development of economy, the acceleration of urbanization, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, and the higher and higher requirements for living conditions, such as doors and windows, due to the increasingly serious noise, in order to improve household life, sound and noise reduction doors and windows are more and more popular with the majority of users. So how to choose sound proof doors and windows to better prevent noise

beautiful choice doors and windows

aluminum profile

according to the data, 90% of the external noise is transmitted from doors and windows. The material of doors and windows is closely related to the sound insulation effect. After all, the sound spreads fastest in solids. The bridge broken aluminum doors and windows cut off the sound transmission by separating the metal contact, which can ensure that the noise cannot penetrate


the sound insulation effect of glass, which accounts for about 80% of the area, is also an important factor affecting the sound insulation performance of doors and windows. When sound is transmitted from glass to air, or from air to glass, it will be reflected. When sound penetrates two layers of glass, the amount of energy it needs to pass through after reflection is quite small; For windows with high sound insulation requirements, the window glass should have sufficient thickness (5 ~ 10mm) and at least two layers to achieve sound insulation effect and maintain indoor silence

the bridge broken insulating glass window can isolate 70% - 80% of the noise, while the ordinary aluminum alloy single-layer glass window can isolate only 30% - 40% of the noise. The hollow glass structure with different thickness and the thermal insulation bridge cutoff aluminum profile cavity structure can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, prevent the transmission of sound, and reduce the noise by more than 35dB

sealant strip

the sealant strip of doors and windows is also one of the important factors affecting the sound insulation performance of doors and windows. The sealant strip can play an important role in waterproof, sealing and energy saving. It has the functions of sound insulation, dust prevention, antifreeze, warmth preservation, etc. at the same time, it also has strong tensile strength, good elasticity, and needs better temperature resistance and aging resistance

in general, it solves the problems of profile, glass, sealant strip and sealing, and has high sealing performance. The effect of heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction is naturally good

why are doors and windows so soundproof

aluminum ingot

meizhixuan doors and windows adopt new titanium magnesium silicon aluminum alloy profiles with high precision, small gap, strong sealing, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, waterproof, wind pressure resistance, and exquisite appearance. Gold 45 degree angle seam, door frame seamless splicing

broken bridge

the broken bridge used by meizhixuan is different from the general local broken bridge (the bridge is broken by a single door frame or door leaf, and the bridge is not broken by the upper and lower rails). Meizhixuan doors and windows adopt the integral broken bridge, and the sound insulation strip of the broken bridge is wider, up to 20mm. It adopts German broken bridge material characteristics: better energy-saving effect

wool top

the frame is equipped with wool top on both sides: protect the fan on both sides, reduce noise, clean the door leaf, mute, dust-proof, ant proof and cockroach proof. Wool tops are also set below: it can clean the track, prevent ants, cockroaches and some small insects from entering the room, and achieve sound insulation effect


meizhixuan doors and windows adopt automobile grade first-class float high-strength tempered glass. The glass has wind pressure resistance, UV protection, dust prevention, no fog, clear, transparent and bright appearance, no water marks, good lighting performance, and the thermal conductivity K value of the glass is less than 3.0kw/mm K. The noise barrier is reduced by 30-53 dB, and the hardness of automobile grade tempered glass is 10 times that of ordinary glass


high viscosity butyl rubber double group cold gel sunscreen factor molecular sieve integrated high-frequency welding hollow aluminum strip, with good sealing performance. The hollow glass will not fog at minus 70 ℃, and the hollow will never fog. At present, the extreme temperature tested is 50 ℃ --70 ℃

rubber strip

EPDM rubber strip has good softness. When a 200mm long rubber strip is pulled to 500mm long, it will not break, resist aging, and will not harden, shrink, and burst at minus 20 ℃. EPDM rubber strip has good waterproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, and energy-saving effects


R & D and production with ingenious Seiko technology. Every product, every process and every detail strives for excellence to ensure the quality and performance of doors and windows. Ingenuity and wisdom are only for creating a dream home life

meizhixuan doors and windows have been pursuing high-quality life. They are independently developed and made with ingenuity according to their needs. They not only meet the functional needs, but also are closer to the user's personality preferences. Many design elements are integrated to meet the user's emotional needs. Product design pays attention to aesthetic functions, use functions, structural functions, combined with fashion trends to create a home experience for doors and windows, and carefully taste the scenery inside and outside the windows, Give yourself a holiday from time to time to integrate life into nature. After getting rid of your busy work, carefully enjoy life, and enjoy the relaxing experience brought by doors and windows, as well as the tranquility and comfort of your home




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