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In fact, floor heating is to evenly lay heat medium in the floor, such as hot water pipes, cables, etc., and use the principle of heat radiation to achieve the effect of heating. Objects in nature will emit heat radiation to space, while constantly absorbing the heat radiation from other objects, so that there is heat transfer between objects

in the north, the way of heating through floor heating is becoming more and more common. Floor heating is considered as a comfortable heating method, so it is also more and more favored by users. However, the spread of this heating method will threaten health, making people start to worry. The following editor will introduce the six hazards of floor heating

six hazards of floor heating

1. Floor heating or children suffering from leukemia

wechat said: medical research has proved that long-term exposure to geothermal heating radiation will change blood, lymph and cell protoplasm. Italian experts believe that more than 400 children in the country suffer from leukemia every year. The main reason is that they live in geothermal heating, so they have been seriously exposed to heating radiation

expert opinion: error

I have been in medicine for more than 20 years, and I have never encountered or heard that floor heating leads to leukemia in children in outpatient clinics and academic conferences. The pathogenesis of childhood leukemia is generally recognized as physical factors, chemical drugs, ionizing radiation, genetic factors and so on. Among them, ionizing radiation, including nuclear radiation and X-ray, has been proved to cause bone marrow suppression, cause gene mutations, and lead to the occurrence of leukemia, but I have not heard of the saying that the ground heating causes leukemia

2. It can induce cancer and accelerate the proliferation of cancer cells

wechat said: geothermal heating radiation pollution will affect the human body's circulatory system, immune, reproductive and metabolic functions, and in serious cases, it will also induce cancer and accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells. According to Swiss research data, the probability of breast cancer of residents living in geothermal heating is 7.4 times higher than that of ordinary people. The sampling test results of the Texas cancer medical foundation in the United States showed that the growth rate of cancer cells in people living in geothermal heating was 24 times faster than that of ordinary people

expert opinion: error

the etiology of cancer is related to environmental pollution, chemical pollution (chemical toxins), ionizing radiation, free radical toxins, microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.) and their metabolic toxins, genetic characteristics, endocrine imbalance, immune dysfunction and other factors. The growth of cancer cells is mainly related to the growth of blood vessels around cancer cells. If the blood supply of peripheral blood vessels is good, “ Nutrition ” If there is enough, the cancer cells will grow fast, otherwise, they will grow slowly. However, there is no scientific confirmation that the growth rate of cancer cells is related to the temperature in vitro

3. Affect human reproductive system

wechat said: it is mainly manifested in the reduction of sperm quality in men, spontaneous abortion and fetal malformation in pregnant women

expert opinion: wrong

this statement is too far fetched. The decrease of sperm quality is related to long-term sedentary, varicose veins and other factors, and also has a certain relationship with the external environment temperature, but it also takes a long time to significantly exceed the body temperature to 40 or 50 degrees Celsius. For example, being in the sauna environment for a long time will indeed affect the sperm quality, but the highest temperature in the warm environment is only more than 20 degrees Celsius, which will not affect the sperm quality. There are also many factors affecting maternal abortion and fetal malformation, including chromosomal abnormalities, endocrine abnormalities, genetic diseases, drug abuse, exposure to toxic and harmful substances, etc. there is no scientific basis to prove that it may be related to floor heating

4. It can cause intellectual disability in children.

wechat said: according to the latest survey, among the 20million children born every year in China, 350000 are defective children, of which 250000 are mentally disabled. Some experts believe that geothermal heating radiation is also one of the influencing factors. The World Health Organization believes that in addition to the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation from computers, televisions and mobile phones on the fetus, geothermal heating radiation is also an important culprit leading to infant stunting

expert opinion: error

there is no scientific basis to prove that children's intelligence and development are related to the heating method of floor heating. After the room temperature rises, furniture and other decoration building materials emit toxic and harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, which are recognized to be harmful to human body, but this is not directly related to whether the ground is warm

excluding the influence of temperature, according to Internet rumors, the radiation of floor heating will lead to children's intellectual disability. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether there is radiation in the ground heating. At present, most families use water heating. The hot water flows underground through the floor and cement, so it should not produce radiation

5. Affect the cardiovascular system

wechat said: floor heating affects the cardiovascular system, manifested as palpitations, insomnia, bradycardia, decreased cardiac blood volume, sinus arrhythmia, leucopenia, decreased immune function, etc. If patients with cardiac pacemakers are in the environment of geothermal heating radiation, the normal use of cardiac pacemakers will be affected

expert opinion: wrong

cardiovascular disease is related to many factors, such as long-term hypertension, blood viscosity, bad habits such as smoking and drinking, environmental pollution, lack of exercise and so on. If patients with cardiac pacemakers are in the environment of geothermal heating radiation, which will affect the normal use of cardiac pacemakers, are all cardiology departments in hospitals afraid to use heating in winter

6. Adverse effects on the visual system

wechat said: because the eyes belong to the sensitive organ of the human body to geothermal heating radiation, excessive geothermal heating radiation pollution will cause vision loss, cataract, etc

expert opinion: error

environmental factors are also the main reasons for vision loss, mainly due to close work and poor working environment, as well as disease and genetic factors. There are also many causes of cataract, including age-related metabolic diseases such as lens degeneration, diabetes, trauma, congenital diseases such as virus infection, long-term use of hormone drugs, genetic factors, radiation factors, eye disease complications, etc. Among them, radiation factors, such as areas with strong ultraviolet radiation, welders, boiler workers, etc., are prone to cataracts in special environments, but I have not heard of or encountered cataracts and vision loss caused by ground heating

characteristics of floor heating

1. Comfortable and healthy, strong health care

floor heating belongs to radiant heat dissipation on the ground. Pipes are laid under the indoor surface, and then water is used as the medium to heat the surface circularly. This heat dissipation method has two advantages. On the one hand, it gives people a feeling of warm feet and cool head, which can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and meet the health standard; On the other hand, hot air rising from the ground can destroy the living environment of mites and other parasites and sterilize the ground. The rising hot air will not cause dirty air convection, which is healthy and comfortable

2. Save space and beautify the room

water and ground heating is installed underground. After installation, only a beautiful thermostat is exposed on the wall. Now many families install radiators. Although the appearance of radiators has been improved in recent years, they are more exquisite than before, but after a long time, they will inevitably become obsolete and affect the beauty of the overall home style

3. Environmental protection, energy conservation and good stability

although water and ground heating requires long-term continuous heating, due to the temperature controller, it only needs to control the temperature after heating, which consumes less electricity, saving about 30% more energy than electric ground heating and radiators. At the same time, water heating takes water as the heat medium and has good stability

4. Long service life and high safety factor

the service life of water and ground heating is basically the same as that of buildings, up to 50 years. When in use, there is basically no safety problem. The super long service life of water heating greatly reduces the trouble caused by the service life of ordinary heating equipment, and saves the additional cost of secondary replacement

editor's summary: that's all for the six hazards of floor heating. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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