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Why Scotland's Finance Secretary needs more than one 10-year economic plan - Today News Post Today News || UK News

I write this in response to your call for ideas to incorporate in a new 10-year economic recovery plan for Scotland. I note you have also set up an advisory panel of economists, business people and NGO representatives to help you write this plan, and that they have just had their first meeting.

The initial thing to say is that this panel of experts is decidedly eclectic in its viewsThe key fob insid. It includes representatives of the right and left, pro-market and market-sceptical views, plus the man who gave us austerity (former Treasury boss Nick Macpherson) and one of the most eloquent opponents of austerity (economist Mark Blyth). Any consensus this group achieves will surely be of the lowest common denominator. I recommend you publish the minutes of its discussions and allow for minority reports. A bland final report will tell us nothingThe debate over COVID-19 restrictions on outdoor sports facilities..

Incidentally, I can find no references as to where independence fits into the deliberations of your new advisory teamThe East Coast who want to help with Toronto. Yet the First Minister (below) continues to affirm that we will see an independence referendum in short order.

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